Rolf Movement™

Life is Motion and Movement

Rolf Movement, a Postural Movement Education

This postural movement education is based on the principles of Rolfing® Structural Integration.  Where the Rolfing Ten Series deals with patterns of structure, Rolf Movement helps facilitate a more balanced, efficient and easeful body movement.


Rolf Movement intervenes on a perceptual level, bringing awareness and mindfulness to your habituated movement and exploring the sensation of freer and more fluid motion.  By providing your body with a sense of what balanced, efficient and fluid movement feels like on a sensorial and thus a perceptual level, you bring mindfulness to your habitual ways of moving.  In this way, we are able to make a sustainable change for optimal body use.


How do we achieve this?

The practitioner uses languaging, touch and gentle guidance to teach you ways to relearn and integrate movement and bring about mobility, vitality, grace and ease in your everyday life.


Movement can be done as part of an effective complementary approach to your Rolfing Ten Series or in small groups.

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