• Remedial Massage

    Spotwork: 60 min  $110.00

    Targeted remedial massage to help manage one issue. I’ll address any and all areas that are associated with your pain problem so you leave feeling better and moving more comfortably.

    You’ll receive the most advanced, therapeutic remedial massage that will reduce your pain, improve your function and movement and get you back to living your life.

    Premium Bodywork: 90 mins $165.00

    This is the perfect session to address and treat multiple pain problems, a complex issue or for a head to toe relaxation and single problem focus. A session designed specifically for you and your current needs. The session is longer and includes everything: deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, myofascial, myo-skeletal alignment, breathwork, integrative work, on table and off table work, stretches or movement exercises, all at no extra charge.

  • Rolfing Structural Integration

    Rolfing: 90 mins $165.00

    Enhance your posture and structure while potentially resolving discomfort, releasing tension, alleviating pain, restoring flexibility, and leaving you feeling more comfortable in your body.